What we do.

IntelligenceQuotient.org is a leading platform specializing in IQ assessment and interpretation. Through our carefully designed tests, we offer a clear measure of cognitive abilities, complemented by straightforward insights to help you understand your score. With a balance of precision and accessibility, we aim to make the world of intelligence assessment approachable for all. Discover your potential with us.

How did we come about?

Founded in the historic city of Worcester, Massachusetts, IntelligenceQuotient.org is the brainchild of a passionate individual who first delved into the realm of IQ during their college years. Recognizing the potential and importance of understanding one’s cognitive abilities, our founder embarked on a mission to make IQ testing more accessible to everyone. Beyond just assessment, we are deeply committed to celebrating intellectual diversity and dispelling the stigmas associated with varying intelligence levels. At IntelligenceQuotient.org, we believe in empowering individuals through knowledge and fostering a community that values every mind.

The Significance of IQ in Today’s Landscape

In an era where global studies suggest a gradual decline in IQ scores, understanding and addressing intelligence quotient becomes paramount. IQ not only gauges cognitive abilities but also reflects the collective intellectual health of societies. By emphasizing the importance of IQ, we aim to shed light on this trend, encouraging proactive measures in education and cognitive development. At IntelligenceQuotient.org, we believe that by recognizing and acting upon these shifts, we can foster a brighter, more intellectually robust future.